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Are You Following up with Your Customers? If Not Why Not?

Why Emailers Heart AWeber (& You Will Too)

Follow Up Email MarketingYou should be using follow up marketing in your business whether it’s an online or even more important and offline business.  Most offline businesses don’t even think about this aspect of increasing and above all retaining those customers that you spent all that time, money and effort to attract in the first place.

You could be creating a follow up newsletter within a few minutes of signing up. Can you imagine, how your customers will feel if you email them with tips, tricks, and advice in any business niche you are involved in. You could be sending them discounts, special days and coupons.

In fact if you think about it you have the power of instantly create better sales days by having special days for your service – special discounts etc – Your customers may not have thought about coming back to your store / salon/ service – but by keeping in contact with them YOU are going to be  right there at the forefront more often. And if you have been staying in touch, they will more likely patronise you more often. That is what branding and advertising is all about. You see it all around you and yet this simple technique is completely under utilised by most offline businesses.  Get Started Today for a $1 Trial and get in touch with us – we will walk you through it on a Team Viewer

Follow Up Marketing is something that maybe less than 5 % of businesses actually use and majority of offline business are crying out loud for more business and yet they have not implemented one of the most important areas of customer satisfaction, loyalty and generally keeping in touch with them, to create and build your own brand.  If you are not so sure about how to implement this strategy – sign up using the links below and contact us  and we will walk you over how simple it can be to start using this so under used business building technique, it will make a huge difference to your business within a very short time.

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