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website-design1For the First Time – We are able to create amazing local business websites  that  not only have all the important elements to have an online presence but also look fabulous and make it available at probably the  Best Cost Effective Prices that make it impossible Not to have a Business Website For every Local Business.

We are able to do this because we manage to use some of the latest technology in website frameworks, together with our licence for amazing website themes that we have mastered to implement in a very short time, meaning we can implement a unique website within a very short time frame.

We also managed to re- order the pricing model normally applied to owning a site like this.

Usually when a business decides to hire a developer / programmer to build a site – he’s either going to build a traditional html site which by comparison these days  looks and behaves like an antique, or a developer / design company will take an off the shelf website theme and spend some time making it unique and add the business content.  Very rarely and depending on the price budget of the customer – he may build a site from a theme and customise it completely – and thats when the Costs start to climb up rapidly.

In addition to the main design , build and customise the site , there is obviously the cost of the Domain Name, as  well as the Hosting Costs ( A Place to house all the files, images etc)

What we managed to do is bring down the cost of the initial setup and design process to a bare minimum and add the monthly hosting that includes a support package thereby making it incredible,y affordable for a small / medium business.

Bear in mind that although our sites are mainly for the small / independent business – they do not have shopping/ commerce built in. That is something that we can add on depending on the business. Usually we can implement a shopping cart at a very cost effective level, compared to a traditional website design house.

Our Sites also have built in Gallery, Portfolios, Testimonials page, Services, plus all the rest of the mandatory pages such as contact us, legal pages etc.
In addition our themes are completely Mobile responsive – which means that Our Local Business Websites look good on a Mobile Phone , the images, video etc will automatically resize in accordance with the mobile device –  which is very important considering the facts that most internet users are now moving to their mobile devices to search and navigate their way around on mobile.

There are some businesses which will require a dedicated Mobile Site – and that is a service our sister website provides at very cost effective prices.

Contact us Today for a rundown or take a look at our Portfolio of Business themes and Place Your order while we have a Special Offer Running For a limited Time. – £50 off the Cost of Setup – Use Coupon Code – and you can get Your Coupon Code at This URL.



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