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Using Press Releases For Small Business

press-release6A press release is a document that is released to news organization and information services. If you have press release is a document that is released to news organization and information services. If you have a press release is a document that is released to news organization and information services. If you have  A press release is a document that is released to news organization and information services.

If you have breaking news such as a great new product, a new service being offered or your company is now in a new market, then a press release can help spread awareness whether on the internet or off.

One of the most effective ways to let new prospects know about your business is use a Press Release.  Many small business are un aware that they can in fact use Press Releases regularly if they have a new service, change a service, new products or have something that may be of interest to customers and especially new prospects who are looking for them.

Press releases have been used by the larger companies for a very long time, as unusually they have PR companies that handle the Press release writing , optimisation and actual Press Release Distribution through many of the larger news Channels.

Writing a press release can be a a very attractive proposition to promote your business, bring new customers and get valuable publicity for your business services.

Even if a press release fails to generate a lot of new business initially, it will be available in archives of the news sites for a very long time, also giving you very valuable and sometimes powerful backlinks from authority sites, which will help in ranking in the search engines.

So why are most small business not utilising press releases in their business marketing?

One of the stumbling blocks seems to be that most small business are not aware that they can get their press releases written and also distributed for much less that 5 years ago.  technology has advanced and softwares and aggregating systems now make it possible for small business to use  this in their overall marketing budget.

The second very important aspect was the cost of many of the larger Press release distribution companies pricing model was quite out of the budget that small business have in their marketing budget. they range from $300 right up to $1000.

New Press Release Distribution Service For Small Business

Writing press release can be an art in itself, but that need not stop you using this effectively – You may also outsource the Press release writing to a third party if you feel you do not have the confidence to write one yourself.

Therefor here are the Top 10 Tips for Writing effective Press releases to get you Started quickly

1. Starting should be solid: Your title and initial lines should cover, what you want to convey. The remaining part of your press release should depict the detailed

2. Draft it for journalists & media agencies: The journalists receive thousand of press releases on daily basis. The media agencies and journalists would grab your press release and only if, with slight editing or no alteration.

3. Consider addressees Interest: The audiences interest consideration is most important to be keeping in mind that if you were a part of audience, would you be interested like to read the press release, you have written.

4. Make it appear practical: Point out real facts of your company or organization, as people are also intellectual enough to make out what is true and what is not? Present information on product and services in what they are interested.

5. Tie the story with real facts: Dont put bluff and add-ons. If you find the content using much added extras, make it natural and real. If content seems too good to be true, turn down the tone little, as it may possibly hurt your own credibility.

6. Use only necessary words: Dont use extra adjectives, extravagant language, or unnecessary expressions like The most powerful. Describe your story with lesser words, as verbosity distracts from your content.

7. Avoid using jargon: Limited use of jargon could be allowed, if you aim to optimize news release for search engines. The finest technique to communicate your press release is to speak neatly, using regular language.

8. Avoid exclamation: The use of exclamation point (!) may hurt your press release. But, if you have to use an exclamation point, use only one.

9. Company permit: Companies are very defensive about their name and credibility. Get written permission before putting in an information or quotes from officials or associates of other companies/organizations.

10. Company Information: The press release should conclude with a short description of your company, which illustrates your company, products, service and a brief history of company. But if you are making a combined press release of two or more then two then you should, provide information of all the companies.

Check out Our Brand New Press release Service being launches next week – that will be priced so that any small business can now use this marketing system that previously was only afforded by only the larger organisations.

New Press Release Distribution Service For Small Business

press-release3Additional Tips you can utilise when your press release is written and releases – Use all available existing media to get your PR to additional places, like social media, your website, and printed stationery

The links to your site in online news databases may remain for years and have significant weight with link popularity. Dont bother stuffing your press release with insignificant content. Make sure you offer newsworthy information. There are several reputable press release services available to you. One of them is PR Web. PR Web can help you to distribute your press release to a wide audience. Placing your website URL in online copies of your press releaseshowed increase your sites link popularity.

New Press Release Distribution Service For Small Business

 Important SEO Aspects of Press release Distribution. 

seo-aspectsofpress-releases1If you are into search engine optimisation (SEO), there is a great way to increase your presence on the web and rank higher in the page rankings- its called press releases. Just like newspapers and fortune 500 companies release press releases, so can you.
A press release is a document that is released to news organisation and information services. If you have breaking news such as a great new product, a new service being offered or your company is now in a new market, then a press release can help spread awareness whether on the internet or off.

There are professional services that will create a press release for you as well as distribute the press release to specific news organisations and information services. While some of these services do charge a fee, it is usually inexpensive to get the word out on your web site or product.

By using press releases cleverly, you can rank higher in the page rankings by receiving one way links once your press release is posted on highly regarded web sites. Google and other search engines may see your site as being part of a trusted network of information. So if you want to increase awareness of your web site or product then look into press releases.

Once, you master the process, you’ll be happy for the results but after a while, you’ll probably have to face a problem : “Press release are effective but it’s very time consuming to log and post manually to all these websites”.

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